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MarSurf XR 1

Easily measure roughness and waviness
The ideal instrument for a low-cost introduction to user-friendly surface metrology.
The PC-based instrument delivers all common thread parameters and profiles in accordance with international standards, both in the measuring room and in production.
MarSurf XR 1 from Mahr stands for the future-oriented roughness system.

• Over 80 surface parameters for R-, P- and W-profiles as per current standard ISO/JIS or MOTIF (ISO12085)
• Bandpass filter Ls in accordance with current standard; Ls can also be switched off or varied as required
• Comprehensive measuring records
• Quick&Easy measuring programs can be created quickly using teach-in methods
• Automatic function for choosing cutoff and traversing length
• Support for various calibration methods (static and dynamic) by specifying the Ra or Rz parameter
• Adjustable maintenance and calibration intervals
• Multiple measuring station configurations are available for custom applications
• Range of options provide system flexibility
• Various user levels protect the device against misuse and prevent unauthorized people from using it
• Different drive units or devices can be connected simultaneously to MarSurf XR 1

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