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MarSurf CD 140

Contour measurement
precise and fast
with 140 mm measuring path

Contour measurement in a new dimension

Measuring stations from the MarSurf CD series set new
standards when it comes to contour testing. Shorter
measuring times, flexible applications and
easy handling mean greater efficiency for your
quality assurance.

Speedy measurements and changeover
• Short measuring times thanks to high positioning and
measuring speeds
• Z-axis with full CNC-capability for automated operation
• Quickly change the probe system
without tools thanks to a magnetic mount – no recalibration required
• Automatic probe arm detection speeds up measuring sequences
and prevents measurement errors

Flexible and versatile
• Workpiece support plate can
hold even large workpieces
• Large measuring range for a variety of applications
– 70 mm as standard, maximum 100 mm
by using extra-long probe arms
• Maximum handling flexibility thanks to supporting plate
with 50 mm bore dimension and plug-in guide stops
• Wide range of probe arms and accessories
• Optional roughness measurement from Rz 2 µm possible

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