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MarShaft SCOPE plus – Art. no. 5361802

MarShaft SCOPE 250 plus from Mahr is designed for the optical quality assurance of small rotationally symmetrical workpieces. Users benefit from the high measuring accuracy of the matrix camera. The measuring station is designed for the smart factory of Industry 4.0: Measurements are fully automated and workpieces can optionally be recognized via the barcode reader.

The role of dimensional metrology is expanding at a dramatic rate, in parallel with innovations in manufacturing processes. Given the ever more stringent accuracy requirements and falling cycle times in production (turning, milling, grinding, etc.), rapid measurement directly at the manufacturing machine is absolutely essential. Measurement at the point of origin of the product, with rapid feedback to the manufacturing process to avoid waste. Mahr’s flexible MarShaft SCOPE 250 plus shaft measuring machine offers the right measuring solution for the fast, precise, and fully automatic measurement of rotationally symmetrical workpieces in production.

The MarShaft SCOPE 250 plus has a high precision roundness measuring axis (C) and a vertical measuring axis (Z) with a measuring range of 250 mm. At its heart is the state-of-the-art, high-resolution CMOS matrix camera (live image) with an image field of 1088 x 2048 mm. The extremely high image acquisition rate of over 120 images per second keeps measuring times to a minimum. Zoom functions allow the smallest details to be measured, which with conventional measuring methods are difficult if not impossible to test.

Optical shaft measuring station MarShaft SCOPE 250 plus can be utilized in large industrial enterprises just as effectively as in small workshops. Production companies use it to test the production quality of smaller rotationally symmetrical workpieces. The measuring system is designed for testpieces with a diameter of up to 40 mm and a maximum length of 250 mm, such as precision turned parts, bone screws, or medical glass bottles.

Short measuring times
Short measuring times ensure that production errors are detected immediately and are ideally prevented

Combined measurement methods
Complete measurement of shafts, highly accurate form and position measurement, contour measurement, thread measurement – all in one measuring system

Reliable measurement
Reliable quality control guarantees a reliable production

MarShaft SCOPE plus | Art.-Nr. 5361802
Measuring range length (Z) (mm)250
Measuring range diameter (X) (mm)40
Length/diameter resolution (mm)0.01...0.0001
Angle resolution (°)0.01...0.0001
Length error limit (Z) (µm)≤ (3.0+l/125) L in mm
Diameter error limit (X) (µm)≤ (1.5+l/40) L in mm
LensTelecentric precision optics
High-resolution CMOS camera


Variety of applications for our products

The main measurable features

  • Length
  • Diameter
  • Form and position tolerances
  • Offsets
  • Recess width
  • Bevel width
  • Intersection points
  • Position of intersection points
  • Angles of rotation
  • Radii
  • Position of radii
  • Taper lengths
  • Angles
  • Pitches
  • Widths across flats
  • Outer threads


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