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MarShaft SCOPE 600 plus 3D – Art. no. 5361522

The MarShaft SCOPE 600 plus 3D can be used for optical and tactile measurements directly in the harsh manufacturing environment. In addition to the standard measurement of rotationally symmetrical workpieces, the 100% 3D function can be used to also cover features that were previously reserved for a 3D coordinate or gear measuring machine.

As a specialist in camshaft applications and more recently (optional) in straight and helical cylinder gears, Mahr now offers a completely new measuring technique with the new MarShaft SCOPE 600 plus 3D measuring station: The combination of optical and tactile sensors enables 3D functionality for the first time and thus a complete inspection of the workpiece in one setup. To this end, Mahr has enhanced its already very successful MarShaft SCOPE 750 plus measuring station. It now has a new 2D probe system, a motorized tailstock, and calibration for the linear axes. The matrix camera optically measures features such as diameters, lengths, radii, form, position features, cam angles, and the cam pitch in just a few seconds. The additional 2D probe records feature that cannot be measured optically: concave cam profile, all standard gear parameters on cylindrical gears, axial runouts, reference elements in an axial direction, such as axial grooves. The tactile and optical systems are calibrated in one coordinate system. The measuring station uses the MarWin software platform to deliver complete 3D functionality.
The user benefits from several advantages of the new measuring solution with
the MarShaft SCOPE 600 plus 3D:
The automated measuring task is much
faster and much more reliable: While conventional
coordinate measuring technology takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes
per workpiece, the Mahr measuring station can measure a
four-cylinder camshaft in just nine minutes.

Performance features at a glance:

  • Complete measurement of camshafts, including the cam angle and all standard cam contours
  • Measurement of the gears on cylindrical gears
  • Measurement of contour elements
  • Highly accurate form and position measurements
  • Direct measurement of references (e.g. 2-flat or feather key groove)
  • Measurement of feather key grooves
  • Measurement of blind holes
  • 100% 3D function using new 2D probe
  • Additional Y measurement axis
  • Special calibration of linear axes (Z-X-Y)
  • MarShaft Professional software
  • Manual control panel and much more...
MarShaft SCOPE 600 plus 3D | Art.-Nr. 5361522
Measuring range length (Z) (mm)600
Measuring range diameter (X) (mm)120
Length/diameter resolution (mm)0.01 to 0.0001
Angle resolution (°)0.01 to 0.0001
Length error limit (Z) (µm)(2 + L/125) L in mm (at 20°C ± 1°C on reference standard)
Diameter error limit (X) (µm)(1.0 + L/125) L in mm (at 20°C ± 1°C on reference standard)
DrivesServo motors
LensTelecentric precision lens
High-resolution CCD array


Variety of applications for our products

  • The complete measurement of camshafts
  • The complete measurement of gear shafts

Typical workpieces

  • Camshaft
  • Gear shafts
  • Eccentric shafts
  • Shafts with keyways or blind boreholes

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