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Hawk Non-Contact Measuring Microscopes


  • For precision measurement and inspection of 3-dimensional parts
  • High repeatable accuracy 3-axis non-contact measurements
  • Patented optical image clearly defines edges, offering superb resolution and contrast
  • Optional video edge detection for higher throughput measurements
  • Wide range of system configurations and options, including fully automated CNC control

The Hawk family of non-contact measurement systems have been designed for companies who demand the highest levels of manufacturing quality, providing high accuracy, repeatable measurement of complex components of all materials, especially difficult-to-view samples, such as black, or transparent plastics.

Key Features

  • High repeatable accuracy 3-axis non-contact measurements
  • The patented optical image clearly defines edges, offering superb resolution and contrast
  • Optional video edge detection for higher throughput measurements
  • Wide range of system configurations and options, including fully automated CNC control

One Hawk Family

The Hawk family comprises of a wide range of systems, individually tailored for specific measurement applications. All Hawk systems feature Vision Engineering’s patented Dynascope™ viewing head, providing unrivaled image clarity, making accurate measurements easy.

The Hawk Difference...

Vision Engineering holds world patents for a number of technologies that optimize optical and ergonomic performance. Hawk’s patented Dynascope™ technology enables you to view intricate and low contrast objects with confidence, increasing measurement accuracy and productivity, while reducing costs. Black-on-black? White-on-white? Transparent subjects? Difficult-to-view features may all be viewed in intricate detail – something not always possible with other measuring devices such as profile projectors or video measuring systems – making it easy to take accurate measurements.

Dynascope™ Technology Explained

Dynascope™ technology removes the need for conventional microscope eyepieces, offering the user a superior image of the subject.

Hawk is a true optical microscope. Unprocessed, high-resolution, true-color optical images are viewed through the ergonomic eyepiece-less viewing head.

Light passes through the patented Dynascope™ optics, exiting the single viewing lens as twin (mono) light paths. The large diameter of these exit rays means that users do not need to precisely align their eyes with the viewing lens in order to see the subject.

Two Main Variants

Hawk Elite = Optical Measurement

When your quality is essential.

Hawk Elite’s success is to combine accuracy with simplicity. High resolution, high contrast images, coupled with industry-leading software make accurate measurement easy, even on difficult-to-view samples, such as black, or transparent plastics, so you can have complete confidence in your results.

The superb optical clarity also allows detailed visual inspection to be performed simultaneously.

Hawk Duo = Optical + Video measurement

When ultimate quality and flexibility is required.

Two measurement systems in one! Hawk Duo combines both optical and video measuring technologies in a single system, so whatever component you are measuring, you can be sure you have the best tools for the job.

Whether you need to make routine or challenging measurements, Hawk Duo has the power and flexibility to measure all your components, not just the easy ones.


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CNC, Manual



Consistency and versatility

Consistent quality inspections across multiple units, multiple users and multiple sites is easily achievable through a range of tools and by sharing of settings between units. EVO Cam II adapts to new roles with push -button simplicity, delivering capabilities and predictable results whatever the task.


Exceptional images

A 30:1 optical zoom range, delivering optical magnification up to 725x, lets you see the detail you need to really understand the subject. Use the digital zoom to increase this to an impressive 9000x maximum magnification. Full HD video brings out every detail, and manual and automatic focusing gives you ultra-sharp images every time. Even large subjects which would defeat lesser microscopes are brought into complete top-to-bottom focus thanks to EVO Cam II’s focus stacking capability.

Maximum convenience

EVO Cam II is built for convenience. A large field of view and long working distance, for example, let you examine a wide range of subjects. Ten pre-sets make it easy to share between users across different applications, and a supervisor-setting lock lets you stay in control.

Precise, referencing measurements

EVO Cam II measures complex parts efficiently and quickly using overlays or point-to-point measurement. The overview function enables quick and convenient sample orientation, while overlays and the image comparison feature enable easy comparison with reference marks or sample images. Calibrations, which can be saved in pre-sets can be tracked through the zoom range, speeding measurement of different size details and removing the need to recalibrate.

Easy image capture

Capture high resolution images at the touch of a button either direct to USB memory stick, via wireless or direct to a PC.   Simple capture and share options aid collaboration, reporting and training.

Intuitive simplicity

Out of the box, EVO Cam II can be set-up in minutes. Then simply turn the camera on and begin viewing and capturing full HD images.  EVO Cam’s intuitive controls make it easy to use from the start, and the multi-language on-screen menu let even minimally trained operators can get to work straightaway.

A customized solution

Personalize EVO Cam II to your exact requirement by selecting from a comprehensive range of options. A 360˚ rotating viewer for looking around the subject, focus stacking for bringing tall subjects into uniform focus, a UV ring light, sub-stage illumination and a range of filters all help you inspect a wider range of subjects. Add a floating stage for even greater precision and control, and choose from a wide range of stands to make EVO Cam II perfect for your application.

Highlighted Features

Digital and Optical Measurements

Ergonomic Design

Increased Accuracy


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