FMS-2500-L2P Force Measurement System

The Starrett FMS-2500-L2P is a single-column force measurement system optimized for high-volume production and quality control testing. The FMS-2500-L2P frame has a 2500N (560lbf) testing capacity ideal for tensile or compressive testing. The system includes the test frame, controller & software. The controller features a Windows operating system with high resolution color, multi-touch display, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB 2.0 port(s). The L2 Plus software features analysis tools to measure and display results on a single graph. Once this is complete, those results are automatically measured and placed on all of the test runs within your batch. Display full graphs, split graphs with data tables or as a data table complete with statistical calculations or tolerance results.


  •  Turnkey 110 lbf force testing system, includes testing frame, L1 controller, and L1 software
  •  Easily perform load, distance, beak, cyclic, constant load and distance testing
  •  Review results in multiple formats including; results; graph, data, tolerance, and statistics
  •  Reference distance travel ruler
  •  Compact design is ideal for small work space and for lean manufacturing environments
  •  Adjustable, magnetic travel limits
  •  Speed selection dial with high resolution display
  •  Conforms to All Relevant European Standards and Carries CE Mark


  •  Capacity: 110lbf, 500N, 50kg
  •  Crosshead Travel: 20in, 508mm
  •  Vertical Test Space: 22in, 559mm
  •  Travel - Position Accuracy: +/-0.001” or 0.1% of displacement whichever is greater
  •  Travel - Resolution: .001in, .025mm
  •  Speed - Maximum: .002in/min, .05mm/min
  •  Speed - Maximum @ Full Capacity: 40in/min, 1016mm/min
  •  Speed - Accuarcy: Better than 0.1% of test speed
  •  Cycling - Maximum Number: Counts 99,999
  •  Cycling - Maximum Duration: 27 hours
  •  Load Hold - Maximum Duration: 27 hours
  •  Test Frame Communications: USB 2.0, RS-232
  •  Input/Output Channels: 0 - 24Vdc (independent, configurable)
  •  Power: +10% 110, 120, 220, 230, 240, 50/60 Hz
  •  Electrical Phase: Single Phase Voltage (Vac)
  •  Operating Temperature: +40 to +110°F, +5 to +43°C
  •  Humidity: 10 to 90%, non-condensing
  •  Height: 37in, 940mm
  •  Depth: 16.5in, 419mm
  •  Width: 11.5in, 292mm
  •  Throat Distance: 3.9in, 100mm
  •  CE Compliant: Meets all relevant CE standards for saftey, immunity, noise

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