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DVR Stereo CAM Ergonomic Stereo Microscopes

The Power of 3D Digital Stereo

Get the viewing benefits of a 3D high resolution stereo zoom microscope and the convenience and speed of a digital microscope in one. Using the incredible DRV display technology, 3D stereo images can be viewed, captured and shared, using glasses-free technology. Magnification up to 700x makes DRV Stereo CAM as useful for capturing and sharing the smallest details efficiently and effectively.

LensesField of view H (mm) Field of view V (mm)MagnificationWorking Distance
1x21.612 18.575

With 360° Optical Viewer

Viewer SettingRotating ViewDirect View
Magnification range13x – 130x21x – 210x
Working Distance35.5mm56.5mm
Viewing Angle34°N/A
CameraMagnification range
Resolution2x high resolution channels
Image Size on concave mirror15.75″ x8.86″ (400mm x225mm) in 16:9 aspect ratio
Stand Options
Ergo standSmall footprint, high stability for high magnification use. Optional sub-stage illumination. Floating stage can be fitted. Small monitor mount can be fitted.
Multi-axis standPrecise and robust. Ideal for industrial application where maximum work space is required. Counter-balanced for quick, effortless, adjustability. Available with direct mounting to work surface or platform base (sub-stage base option is also available). Small monitor mount can be fitted.
Double boom standFor stability and extended reach. Available with direct mounting to work surface or platform base.
Single-arm boom standHigh stability, large working distance range, heavy duty platform base.
Articulated arm standExtended reach and ultimate flexibility to allow precise positioning.
Software Options
ViCaptureImage and video capture (supplied with camera).
DimensionOneImage capture, annotation, on-screen measurement.
DimensionTwoImage capture, annotation, on-screen measurement, camera control.
VifoxEVOImage capture, analysis, enhancement, annotation, on-screen measurement, camera control, reporting.
ViPlusImage capture, annotation, on-screen measurement, camera control, reporting.
  • Contrast Enhancing Base: To optimise lighting for a variety of transparent and translucent samples, enhancing the observed contrast. (Brochure PDF)
  • Floating stage: For smooth and precise control. For use with Ergo stand.
  • Measuring scale. 

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Consistency and versatility

Consistent quality inspections across multiple units, multiple users and multiple sites is easily achievable through a range of tools and by sharing of settings between units. EVO Cam II adapts to new roles with push -button simplicity, delivering capabilities and predictable results whatever the task.


Exceptional images

A 30:1 optical zoom range, delivering optical magnification up to 725x, lets you see the detail you need to really understand the subject. Use the digital zoom to increase this to an impressive 9000x maximum magnification. Full HD video brings out every detail, and manual and automatic focusing gives you ultra-sharp images every time. Even large subjects which would defeat lesser microscopes are brought into complete top-to-bottom focus thanks to EVO Cam II’s focus stacking capability.

Maximum convenience

EVO Cam II is built for convenience. A large field of view and long working distance, for example, let you examine a wide range of subjects. Ten pre-sets make it easy to share between users across different applications, and a supervisor-setting lock lets you stay in control.

Precise, referencing measurements

EVO Cam II measures complex parts efficiently and quickly using overlays or point-to-point measurement. The overview function enables quick and convenient sample orientation, while overlays and the image comparison feature enable easy comparison with reference marks or sample images. Calibrations, which can be saved in pre-sets can be tracked through the zoom range, speeding measurement of different size details and removing the need to recalibrate.

Easy image capture

Capture high resolution images at the touch of a button either direct to USB memory stick, via wireless or direct to a PC.   Simple capture and share options aid collaboration, reporting and training.

Intuitive simplicity

Out of the box, EVO Cam II can be set-up in minutes. Then simply turn the camera on and begin viewing and capturing full HD images.  EVO Cam’s intuitive controls make it easy to use from the start, and the multi-language on-screen menu let even minimally trained operators can get to work straightaway.

A customized solution

Personalize EVO Cam II to your exact requirement by selecting from a comprehensive range of options. A 360˚ rotating viewer for looking around the subject, focus stacking for bringing tall subjects into uniform focus, a UV ring light, sub-stage illumination and a range of filters all help you inspect a wider range of subjects. Add a floating stage for even greater precision and control, and choose from a wide range of stands to make EVO Cam II perfect for your application.

Highlighted Features

Digital and Optical Measurements

Ergonomic Design

Increased Accuracy


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