DFG-200 Force Gage

The DFG is a basic force gage that measures force at an accuracy of better than 0.2% full scale. The DFG is ideal for basic tensile and compression testing. Test setup and operation is fast, efficient and easy for anyone. The DFG display shows the test direction and dynamic load during testing. Results are displayed at the completion of testing, including “Pass-Fail” when tolerance is applied. The gage will display statistics when results are saved to the gage’s internal memory. Store up to 50 test results in local memory.

Optimized for Production and Quality Control

Easy to Perform Test

Entry-level Computer Based Solution

Accurate and Repeatable Results

Detailed Specs


  •  Exclusive "Machine Control" Technology
  •  Better than 0.1% Accuracy
  •  Eight Capacities in DFC Series (2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500lbf)
  •  Display load in lbf, N, kgf, ozf and gf units
  •  Tension or Compression
  •  Save Results to Memory for Statistical Calculations, or Export to your PC for Detailed Analysis
  •  Measure Peak Loads Quickly
  •  Use Tolerances for Pass-Fail Analysis
  •  Bluetooth, USB, and RS232 Communications
  •  25,000 Hz Data Sampling Rate


  •  Capacity: 1000N, 100kgf, 200lbf
  •  Resolution: 10,000:1
  •  Measurement Accuracy (% Full Scale): +/-0.1%
  •  Safe Overload: 200%
  •  Thread Size: M6x1-6g

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Highlighted Features

Turnkey force testing system

Includes testing frame, L1 controller, and L1 software

Seamless Operations

Easily perform load, distance, beak, cyclic, constant load and distance testing

Clear Data

Review results in multiple formats including; results; graph, data, tolerance, and statistics


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