There is a wide array of benefits to choosing Metrios. Made just for you and your needs. We measure directly on the shop floor and reduce waste. Save you time, with advanced technology. Using Metrios systems, ultimately you are able to reduce human error and track quality. Work on high-resolution systems and a 17-inch multi-touch screen. You will have enough room for your loading area and ample hand space. Capture details on small components with the most superior illumination.

Expert Engineers

We consider every detail to ensure safety within the workplace.

Service Technicians

Our engineers are available to guarantee smooth operations.

Training Professionals

We are here to assist you with metrology systems in the industry. 


KaliMetrics has top of the line equipment for brands like Metrios to suit your optical measurement needs. Selling high quality optical measurement systems and consulting solutions with many years of experience. Designed for maximum definition at a quick speed.


KaliMetrics will service your Metrios machines to keep them in significantly good condition. Customer service is at the forefront of everything we do. KaliMetrics is accredited and certified to standards for installation, operation, and performance.

Metrology comes with various goals in mind and we are available to assist you with calibration services that follow ISO guidelines and OEM recommended procedures. Artifacts used have NIST traceable calibrations including Vision Systems, Coordinate Measuring Machines, Optical Comparators, Force Measurement Systems. 


Instantly get a quote from an array of qualified lenders. This is the most seamless and efficient way to be approved and handle payments. Quickly get your monthly costs and become approved within a few clicks. Find the metrology equipment you are looking for along with any other parts or accessories. Have full transparency into the buying process with KaliMetrics Financing Options.