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hawk 1435 measurement microscopes
hawk 1435 measurement microscopes

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Easy-to-use High Definition Metrology Systems

Ergonomic Stereo Microscopes

The Mantis from Vision Engineering has enhanced depth perception and the ability to look around the subject, Mantis’ unparalleled ergonomics opens up a new dimension of enhanced comfort, efficiency and productivity.

mantis compact universal 11 Ergonomic stereo microscopes

Optical Comparators

Kalimetrics offers bench top and floor standing Optical Comparators. Manufactured by Starrett with precision optics, superb LED lighting, and a highly accurate work stage which combine to ensure bright, sharp images and exceptional accuracy.

Force Measurement

KaliMetrics offers Starrett Force and Material test systems.  Our solutions range from simple handheld measurements to highly advanced applications with extreme accuracy

MMS1000 L3ecUSa1

Vision Systems

KaliMetrics offers a wide array of video measuring systems including manual, fully automated CNC and multi-sensing. Our range of metrology systems are ideal for use in QC labs, research, engineering, and manufacturing environments where small to large scale high-precision measurement is critical.

Metrology you can trust

KaliMetrics offers over 25 years of experience providing sales and services on vision, optical and force metrology systems. Our goal is to assist you with finding the right solution at the right price for any of your measurement needs.

From start to finish, we make certain we find the right solution each time.

KaliMetrics helps find the right product and helps each step of the way.

Application Analysis
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KaliMetrics offers training on a wide range of metrology software packages found on coordinate measuring machines, vision systems, optical comparators, and force measurement systems.

Our team will repair service on any Starrett or Vision Engineering metrology system with full factory support.

KaliMetrics offers calibration services in accordance with ISO guidelines and OEM recommended procedures. All artifacts used have NIST traceable calibrations.
KaliMetrics can extend the life and increase the productivity of your existing metrology system with updated hardware and software.

Ensure and properly document that equipment meets a set of defined system requirements for the installation, operation, and performance.

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KaliMetrics knows the importance of high-quality precision. Equipment financing is available through multiple lending partners specializing in capital equipment.